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grand marshal is an honorary title given to an individual by an organization. It's similar to being a guest of honor. A grand marshal is selected on any basis relevant to the theme or nature of the event honoring this person.

Joyce had no idea that she had been nominated by the Board of Directors as our Grand Marshal of our 2018 Rodeo.

Those that know Joyce knows she is a true Cowgirl. Horses and Roping and working cattle have been and always will be a way of life for this her.

Joyce grew up on a ranch. Joyce had learned how to work on her parents dairy at the age of 8 years old when she had learned to how to gather up more than 200 cows each day after school and bring them into the barn, for the cows to be milked.

Her mom and stepdad also ran Mosby arena in San Martin for more than 60 years where Joyce passion for horses, roping, branding and working cattle continued to grow.

Today Joyce's passion for horses, roping, and working cattle is still as strong as ever. Joyce has a beautiful ranch in Gilroy and every month many people come together to participate and master there cattle sorting and roping skills in her arena off of Day Road while keeping our Gilroy western traditions alive.

The Gilroy Rodeo Board of Directors feel honored to have Joyce with her many years of experience and knowledge as our Gilroy Rodeo 2018 Grand Marshal.