Gilroy Rodeo is a non-profit organization, it is dedicated to the continuation and enhancement of the Gilroy Rodeo and western traditions while enriching its community both culturally and financially.  Many volunteers and members will work year-round devoting their time, goods, services and money to the event. Others feel the event will be a once-a-year reunion where old friends come together and share in a time-honored tradition of service. Gilroy Rodeo will represent and rely on true community spirit where its members reach out to help each other by giving selflessly to the good of the whole community. Volunteers from all walks of life and lifestyles will come together as one family to dig in and perform tasks that range from picking up trash in the parking lots to helping a family find seating, to making sure every guest feels welcomed.


Should any discrepancies arise in the event's stated purpose, it is up to the Gilroy Rodeo Board of Directors to address the issue with all due diligence.


The Gilroy Rodeo Board of Director's are committed to upholding the following values as we pursue our mission:


LEADERSHIP: We promote leadership at all levels

INNOVATION: We learn, adapt, experiment, and seek to continuously improve

RELATIONSHIP: We will continue to develop a positive and successful relationship with our local communities, rodeo family, youth organizations and business that mutually benefit from the success of the Gilroy Rodeo.

COMMUNITY: We encourage the creation of a sense of community by all who attend our Rodeo for the enjoyment, fun, and entertainment that exists when people gather to celebrate our western heritage.

VOLUNTEERISM: We appreciate the contribution we are given by each of our volunteers.

RESPECT: We demonstrate fairness, consistency, and compassion in our interactions with others.

INTEGRITY: We conduct ourselves in an honest, professional, ethical and transparent manner.

TRUST: We are reliable, dependable and accountable for our actions.

EDUCATION: We create learning opportunities for the betterment of the community and our western heritage.